Saudi Arabia / Bahrain

Housing in Bahrain

The attractive aspect of living in Bahrain is that families who are based in Bahrain can choose a house to live in. With help of an agent, you will be assisted in finding a place to settle. At this moment, most expatriates live around the areas of Sar, Barbar, Jasra, Hamala, Budaiya and Jannusan.


For small families and couples, serviced, fully furnished apartments with en-suite bathrooms. Facilities include gym, outdoor swimming pool, business centre and leisure area with snack bar. Most apartments are located in the Seef Area or Juffair.

Villa or Bungalow

Most families opt for the villa or bungalow, usually situated on a compound, with 3 or 4 bedrooms and bathrooms. Amenities vary per compound but most have swimming pools and gyms. Many compounds also have tennis courts, squash courts, children's play areas and a recreation room for community use.

Please note that houses rented on the open market in Bahrain are usually unfurnished, while houses/ accommodation in Saudi Arabia are usually furnished.

The choice given to the employee and conditions involved will depend on the Joint Venture concerned, the individual budget and availability. All compounds include security, AC and maintenance.

It is worthwhile inquiring about central heating when you are house hunting. Although you may need it only for 2 months of the year, it is an advantage compared to the electrical heaters you can buy locally.